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An Adventure for any Skill Level
Horseback riding on over 450 acres of wilderness trails. An adventure for any skill level. Exciting horseback riding with the whole family. Captiva Farms offers an exciting, one-of-a-kind horseback riding experience for all levels of skill, near Ottawa. Captiva is the only horseback riding ranches that allows groups and families to explore over 40 KM together. Our friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff provides horseback riding lessons before your trail excursion, in order to prepare everyone for the horseback adventure. Once you and your instructor is confident with everyone’s abilities, you are led onto our huge network of trails. Similar to nearby ski hills, we have beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. Safe, yet adventurous excitement. We believe that every skill-level should be accommodated, and that people are happiest when challenged in a safe environment. Whether it’s up a rocky slope and over a thicket, or a trot or canter through an open field, we want you to experience what our horses are capable of. Stay in the coral, or go wild! Either way, we will make sure you’re prepared, trained, confident and properly equipped before heading out on our exciting 40+ kilometer network of horseback riding trails. Proper horse care. Captiva Farm’s horses are groomed, inspected and nurtured on a daily basis. We are extremely conscientious of the needs of every animal. This gives you and your family the confidence to know that your horse is both mentally and physically sound. We are so confident in our horses’ abilities, and our instructors’ teaching skill that we are one of the only riding facilities to allow faster paces on our trails (of course this is completely dependent on your actual abilities. We are also one of the few riding facilities that offer half hour Introduction lesson before our trail rides. This not only allows you to ride in more confidence and comfort but protects our horses from the mental damage that can be caused by confusing signals from the rider. Horses want to get clear signals from their riders and without being taught how to communicate properly with your animal you wont be able to give your horse any clear directions. Additionally our horses roam free on our horseback riding trails and are able to eat in our lush pastures where you ride yourself. This allows them to maintain proper body weight and live as a horse was meant to live. Knowledgeable, courteous and caring staff. Captiva’s highly trained staff are here to help you have the time of your life. Come with your friends and family, and we will make sure you are all perfectly prepared and comfortable for your horseback riding adventure. We are here to help you get the most out of your horseback riding experience.
BOOK YOUR CAPTIVA ADVENTURE TODAY Trail rides times reservation needs at least 24 hours in advance by only calling (819) 459 - 2769
Captiva Farms Captiva Farms was founded 30 years ago as a place to get away from the demands and stresses of city living. By entering the gates of our 450 acres horseback trail riding ranch, situated 5 minutes east of Wakefield Québec (La Pêche), guests enter into a world that slows down to a horse’s heartbeat.
Contact Info 189 ch. de la Montagne Wakefield (La Pêche), QC J0X 3G0 (Near Edelweiss Ski Resort) Tel. (819)459-2769
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