Horseback Riding Videos

Captiva Farms horseback riding videos. Check out some of our horseback riding videos, as well as some of the Ottawa area horseback riding videos that our guests have created over the years. Please feel free to leave comments below, and send us video links to your own Captiva Farms horseback riding adventure. We will upload your video here so you can share your experience with all of our fans. Riders from Ottawa to Germany have created videos, which we will post here.

Captiva Farms Horseback Riding Videos


A Horseback Trail Adventure

In this video, Craig and the crew demonstrate the excitement of horseback riding in the beautiful Gatineau Hills. With Ottawa only a short drive away, Captiva Farms is your Ottawa region horseback riding adventure destination.

A Day in the Life of a Real Horseback Riding Ranch (Videos)

At the crack of dawn, we round up all of our horses and ponies for a day of work on over 20 Km. of Captiva’s horseback riding trails. All of our horses and ponies are free range, so they graze, play and wander every single night. This means the cowboys and cowgirls at Captiva Farms have to round them up every morning. We couldn’t do it without Duke, our wonder dog mascot!

Yeehaw!!! Early Morning Round Up

This is a very rare glimpse into the exciting world of a horse ranch. We allow our horses and ponies to run wild overnight, so every morning at 7 AM the daily roundup is launched. Watch as Craig Jr, Craig Sr, and Ryan get the horses out of the wild and into the stable, in order to serve our guests as their trusty horseback riding steeds

Our Faithful Mascot, Duke the Wonder Dog

Duke the dog shows you that he’s not just a pretty horse-wrangling face. This light-hearted video gives you a glimpse of the bond between a man and his dog. Craig Clost Sr. of Captiva Farms puts duke through some paces, and teaches him that “a prayer a day keeps the veterinarian away”.


Horseback Riding: Frequently Asked Questions

Due to popular demand, we’ve created a huge video series, answering all of your questions about horseback riding. What makes a horse happy? How fast can a horse go? How do you control a 1200 pound animal? All of these questions are answered, and more, with this comprehensive video series covering everything you need to know about horseback riding.
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Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 1)

What is the difference between Western and English horseback riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 2)
Horseback Riding Ottawa – Is there horseback riding in the winter?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 3)
Why is horseback riding a fantastic family activity?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 4)
How fast can your ride while horseback riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 5)
How do you control a horse while horseback riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 6)
What is horseback trail riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 7)
My first horseback riding experience.

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 8 )
What ages can children go horseback riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 9)
What safety precautions should be taken for horseback riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 10)
How can I introduce my young child to horseback riding and pony riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 11)
How do I control my horse while horseback riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 12)
What are the advantages of horseback riding lessons?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 13)
Horses act a lot like people!

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 14)
How do you get on a horse?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 15)
How do you tell if a horse is healthy?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 16)
What makes a trail horse a happy horse?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 17)
What is “horse-breaking”?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 18)
What is a horseback trail riding adventure?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 19)
What is the importance of horseback riding lessons?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 20)
What are the different breeds of horses for trail riding?

Horseback Riding Ottawa Videos (Part 21)
What makes Captiva Farms such a special community?

Wisdom from our own ‘Horse Whisperer’

Kirk is a long time volunteer guide at Captiva Farms. In this series of videos, he shares the type of wisdom that can only be accumulated through over 40 years of experience with horses.

What is a typical day at Captiva Farms?
The Joy of Horseback Riding

A Man Without a Horse is Not Complete

The Three Things Horses Need

The First Time I Rode a Horse

It’s Not the Horse. It’s the Handler.

Horses Need Fun
How to Befriend a Horse

Horseback Riding Videos From Our Guests


A Captiva Rider and her Favourite Horse, Madison

A Captiva Farms rider struts her stuff as she learns how to canter, trot, gallop and jump. Thanks for this beautiful video!

Captiva Farms Heartbreak

A tale of happiness, horseback riding and heartbreak at Captiva Farms. A touching and personal video.

Please feel free to share your links to videos in the comments section below. Once your Captiva horseback adventure (or heartbreak) video is approved it will appear here. Thanks again to all of our guests, riders, fans, and instructors. Book Your Captiva Adventure Today

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