Pony Rides and Kids’ Activities

A kid-friendly and kid-inspiring environment. Kids love animals. And, for good reason. A connection to nature has been proven to help children and adults develop stronger emotionally, psychologically, and even physically. A deeper connection with nature and a strong bond with animals will make kids happier, healthier and more well-rounded. Captiva Farms has horseback riding and pony rides for all ages, as well as a small petting zoo where kids can commune with Squirt the Lamb, Charlie the Emu or any other number of animals.

New! Birthday Parties At the Farm Best. Birthday. Ever. Come to the farm so the whole gang can have a pony ride, before having cake in our picnic area or taking some of the older kids on a horseback trail ride.

Charly Dressed up as a Wizard Image

Charly dressed up as a wizard at Captiva Farm’s kids’ camp.

Summer Daycamps

In 2007, Captiva Farms introduced summer day camps for children. We welcome kids from the ages of 10 to 16 to join us through the summer months to develop a strong bond with animals in a safe, calm, healthy, and picturesque farm environment. 5 day program includes: horse care, pony rides, stable management, tacking & grooming, riding instruction, trail rides, sports and leisure activities, volleyball, badminton, soccer, swimming plus a Picnic BBQ and riding show on the final day and a complimentary Captiva Farms T-shirt. Parents and friends are invited to come and experience this show – be sure to bring your cameras! This is very popular program so book early to avoid disappointment.

Petting Zoo

On the way into the stables, there are numerous animals kids to enjoy. Squirt the lamb, Charlie the Emu, Bucky the goat and many others are waiting for your visit.

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  •  BBQ Facilities
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  • Safe and Secure paddocks
  • Peaceful, maple-shaded picnic area
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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories. That was an adventure my boys and I will remember for a long time. The only disappointment was that John forgot to take a picture of his horse Wille. You have a fantastic set-up there and great staff. You also have a super daughter and mother – I hope they enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs. Maybe in August we’ll make it up for a day trip.
    Keep smiling and keep in touch.
    Kimberly Rutherford

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