Horseback Riding Adventures

 Horseback riding on over 450 acres of wilderness trails: an adventure for any skill level. Exciting horseback riding with the whole family. Captiva Farms offers an exciting, one-of-a-kind horseback riding experience for all levels of skill, near Ottawa. Captiva is the only horseback riding ranches that allows groups and families to explore over 20 KM together. Our friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff provides horseback riding lessons before your trail excursion, in order to prepare everyone for the horseback adventure. 

Captiva Farms Horseback Trails Panorama ImageOnce you and your instructor is confident with everyone’s abilities, you are led onto our huge network of trails. Similar to nearby ski hills, we have beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. Safe, yet adventurous excitement. We believe that every skill-level should be accommodated, and that people are happiest when challenged in a safe environment. Whether it’s up a rocky slope and over a thicket, or a trot or canter through an open field, we want you to experience what our horses are capable of. Stay in the coral, or go wild! Either way, we will make sure you’re prepared, trained, confident and properly equipped before heading out on our exciting 20+ kilometre network of  horseback riding trails. Proper horse care. Captiva Farm’s horses are groomed, inspected and nurtured on a daily basis. We are extremely conscientious of the needs of every animal. This gives you and your family the confidence to know that your horse is both mentally and physically sound. We are so confident in our horses’ abilities, and our instructors’ teaching skill that we are one of the only riding facilities to allow faster paces on our trails (of course this is completely dependent on your actual abilities. We are also one of the few riding facilities that offer half hour riding lessons before our trail rides. This not only allows you to ride in more confidence and comfort but protects our horses from the mental damage that can be caused by confusing signals from the rider. Horses want to get clear signals from their riders and without being taught how to communicate properly with your animal you wont be able to give your horse any clear directions. Additionally our horses roam free on our horseback riding trails and are able to eat in our lush pastures where you ride yourself. This allows them to maintain proper body weight and live as a horse was meant to live. Knowledgeable, courteous and caring staff. Captiva’s highly trained staff are here to help you have the time of your life. Come with your friends and family, and we will make sure you are all perfectly prepared and comfortable for your horseback riding adventure. We are here to help you get the most out of your horseback riding experience.     Captiva Farm Family Horseback Riding Image Book Your Captiva Adventure Today

  •  BBQ Facilities
  • Washrooms & change rooms
  • Safe and Secure paddocks
  • Peaceful, maple-shaded picnic area

(819) 459-2769

Code of Conduct and Dress Code

Proper attire must be worn: shoe with a small heel, pants (no shorts/skirts) and for all children under the age of 16 and under a proper riding helmet is required. We have helmets at the farm and would be happy to provide you with one. Zero tolerance for individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have a disability, kindly ensure to mention it when making your reservation so that we may determine whether riding is an activity that can be safely offered to you.


  1. I had a lot of fun, and Kevin and I agreed you are a great guide. Thanks again for showing us city slickers the great Canadian wilderness. I’m surely going to come back for a visit.

  2. Hi Craig,
    I just wanted to let you know, that I sent off the Windmill Rap newspaper. Everybody is asking for a copy because of the weekend away at the farm. I just wanted to tell you that we all enjoyed our visit and we will definitely be coming back for more sore arses in the spring. Haha.
    I keep telling everyone that I had more fun in that day and a half at your farm than I did on my 2 week honeymoon…..they laugh, little do they know I’m telling the truth. Haha!
    I will be back for a 3 or 4 day stay this time….better warn Farmer Paul to start honing up those culinary skills. I’m partial to pheasant….lol. Say a big HELLO to everyone for me. I look forward to seeing you all again.

    Your biggest fan
, Patsy

  3. First, I just want to express again just how much Ryan and I enjoyed our 3 day trip. It easily scored at least 9.5 / 10. Thanks Paul, Jack, Ed, Craig Sr. and of course Ute and Craig Jr!

  4. I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the Jewish Community Centre’s Sports Camp for a fantastic time at Captiva Farms this summer. The quality of the experience and safety are number one at Captiva and all of our kids had a super time at your beautiful farm. 
See you next summer!



  5. Love your new web site. It reflects the fun, adventure and great experience that people can expect when they come to Captiva Farms.

    • Thanks Doug. We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  6. Heey Tristan its :)

    i had lots of fun today i love Chucky !!!
    and i hope he remembers me i will call you sometime to get some more info on your camps because i would love to come it sounds like lots of fun i appreciate you taking the time to help me :) i will be back for sure thank you Tristan & Doug !!! :)

    Love <3
    Alyssa !

    • Hey Alyssa. Thanks so much for your kind words. We’re looking forward to seeing you again. I will pass on your message. Sincerely, Craig.

  7. Captiva what can I say but thank you so very much. Tristan did a great job and took us on the best horse back adventure. The views were spectacular and the ride was amazing. Friendly horses and friendly people made for a great day. A serious reccomendation for anyone who is looking to have fun. Thank you Captiva

    • Thanks a million Tom. We’re glad you had such a great horseback riding experience. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Sincerely, Craig and the Captiva crew.

  8. We had the pleasure of a family sleigh ride on a perfect snowy day. It was a magical day. Thank you, we can’t wait to come back.

  9. Hey Captiva, I love Madison she’s so cool. The most gentle horse ever. 2 hour rides on her feels like 30 minutes. The best horse EVER. So I will always love her and remember her in till the day I die. The first and last time I rode her PERFECT.

    Love you always Alex Gil

  10. Thank you guy’s for such a good experience :)

    -Alex Gil

  11. Beautiful place and great for beginners! Graham and myself had an amazing first experience on outlaw and Zoe. Julia(hope that was her name) was an incredible teacher for our pre lesson and guide. Thanks again ! And we will be coming back :)
    -rebecca and graham

  12. Amazing place, amazing trails, amazing staff! My 6 year old daughter and I both enjoyed our day of riding. A wonderful place for the entire family, young and old. Can’t wait to go back! :)

  13. Today was an amazing day thanks to the wonderful guide Daphne and the beautiful Asia. I truly enjoyed the semi trail ride, the weather was not on my side unfortunately. But I hade an amazing experience
    Thank you again for making the arrangements so easy and the trip so enjoyable

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